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Stoughton Tree Care Limited

We are a family-run business, founded in 2011 by brothers Pippin and Stefan Newman.  Over the last 10 years, STC has grown and developed significantly.

We believe our progress and continued success is down to having the right team of people working with us, who are all driven and motivated to the same shared company goals. This along with our high standards of workmanship and safety, has helped in the success and growth of the business.

STC training
STC Team Safety Training

Our people

  • STC values, rewards, and promotes people with fairness and equality
  • Our workforce are actively encouraged to develop their skills, knowledge and competencies
  • We are committed to addressing possible areas of concern for employees and to continually improve our performance as an employer

Our relationship with clients, suppliers and the public

  • We are a client-focused business delivering high quality professional services
  • Client and supplier feedback is actively encouraged and used to further improve the delivery of our services
  • We will not participate in projects that may be environmentally or socially damaging
  • Good neighbours – timing of work, parking, noise and general disruption to the public are all issues that we carefully consider
STC Team

The Natural Environment

  • STC is committed to ensuring that the needs of the natural environment are fully taken into consideration during all activities
  • We ensure compliance with current environmental legislation and we continually work to reduce our carbon footprint by doing business in a sustainable way.
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Stoughton Tree Care Limited
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